Hey guys! 

We will never offer to buy cards or packs from you in game without directing you to email us first at buylist@battleshopper.com.

Here at Battleshopper we've been overwhelmed with the support you've shown us so far and are super excited to implement our first public buylist! 

We want to give you cold hard cash for your cards. You open that extra Dark Heart in a draft? Turn that into dinner, a movie, or just more drafts! While we work on integrating the buylist into the site in a more permanent manner, the buylist will be contained on this page.

The terms of our buylist are as followed:
  • You will email us a list of cards contained within this list to buylist@battleshopper.com​. This email will contain the following: A list of the cards you would like to sell, along with the current buylist price of each card, the total for the amount you're selling, your in game user name, and the paypal address you would like payment to be sent to if approved.
    • An example line would be as follows: "4 Dark Heart of Nulzann 10.00 each, 40 total"
    • At the moment we will only accept a maximum of 12 copies of any card. This may change from card to card depending on current inventory levels. 
  • We will then send you an approval or denial message of your buylist order (if we are flooded with one card and don't get a chance to update the buylist by the time you submit your order, or you offer more than we are capable of taking are the only scenarios we currently believe will cause your buylist to be denied)
  • If we approve your buylist you will be given a buylist number, you are to mail the cards to the In Game Name "Battleshopper" and put the title as "Buylist Order XXXX" where X is the number you were provided. 
  • Within 72 hours (Although most times much faster) you will be paid using paypal. There is a 3% fee that paypal will take. If you feel like you're just going to spend the money on more hex cards, we now offer store credit as a payment! And there is a 20% bonus if you get paid in store credit on your order!
Now, for the buylist itself!
Card Name Card Rarity Card Set Price Per Card
Card Name Card Rarity Card Set Price Per Card
Balthasar Rare Armies of Myth $0.13
Carloth Cobblestone Rare Primal Dawn $0.33
Clash of Steel Rare Herofall $0.21
Dark Heart of Nulzann Legendary Herofall $2.45
Mightsinger of Ages Legendary Herofall $2.38
Monsuun, Shogun of Winda'jin Legendary Shattered Destiny $0.69
Psychic Ascension Legendary Herofall $1.01
Reginald's Riposte Rare Herofall $0.52
Rotten Rancor Rare Primal Dawn $0.09
Transmogrifade Rare Primal Dawn $0.81
Well of Life Rare Herofall $0.41
Wise Magistrate Rare Herofall $0.41
Wrathwood Master Moss Legendary Shattered Destiny $2.22
Xentoth's Malice Legendary Primal Dawn $0.48
Forever's Child Legendary Primal Dawn $0.43
Diamond Ice Common Frostheart $0.01
Lady Violet Blightbark Rare Frostheart $0.14
Massacre Rare Frostheart $0.65
Demented Ascension Legendary Frostheart $0.78
Blinding Ire Uncommon Frostheart $0.06
Dreamcall Legendary Frostheart $0.88
Aegilus Legendary Frostheart $0.40
Frothfang Cackler Rare Frostheart $0.26
Zoltog of the Pack Legendary Frostheart $0.20
The Librarian Legendary Frostheart $2.07
Witch of the Wishing Well Rare Frostheart $0.49
Merry Caravan Rare Frostheart $0.46
Brosi-Buk, Mischief Master Legendary Frostheart $1.13
Twilight Archon Rare Frostheart $1.04
Scorpinox Rare Frostheart $0.07
Nameless Truths Rare Frostheart $0.04
Wildlife Legendary Frostheart $2.41
Brilliant Tactician Legendary Scars of War $0.25
Commander P.R.O.M.P.T. Rare Scars of War $0.98
Graven Geist Rare Scars of War $0.81
Llama Herder Promo Scars of War $0.21
Righteous Outlaw Rare Scars of War $1.34
Ryaalinth the Soulcursed Legendary Scars of War $0.62
Well of Retribution Rare Scars of War $1.98
Scars of War Rare Scars of War $1.24
Zorath's Rectory Rare Scars of War $0.89
Sunlit Sentence Rare Dead of Winter $1.28
Corners of the World Legendary Dead of Winter $1.32
Runic Passion Rare Dead of Winter $0.18
Quenchinator Rare Dead of Winter $0.29
Quenchinator Promo Dead of Winter $0.15
Demented Destiny Rare Dead of Winter $0.11
Eyes of the Heart Legendary Dead of Winter $4.52
Lixil, Heartsworn Legendary Dead of Winter $0.21
Baroness Floriana Rare Dead of Winter $0.35
Jacked Colossus Legendary Dead of Winter $0.39
Liberated Berserker Rare Dead of Winter $0.32
Exalted Pathfinder Rare Dead of Winter $0.99
Arbiter of Twilight Legendary Dead of Winter $0.57
Blaze of Glory Rare Dead of Winter $0.87
Twilight Justice Rare Dead of Winter $1.01
Shamrock, The Goldfather Legendary Dead of Winter $2.09
Demented Whispers Promo Dead of Winter $1.42
Wax Sacrament Rare Dead of Winter $3.94
Nameless Draught Rare Dead of Winter $1.82
Void Star the Sightless Legendary Dead of Winter $1.43
Blightwater Ferryman Rare Dead of Winter $0.08
Exalted Cabalist Rare Dead of Winter $0.20
Zeddek's Judgment Rare Dead of Winter $1.14
Brink of Madness Rare Dead of Winter $0.26
Nameless Devourer Rare Dead of Winter $0.84
Scribe of the Flayed Man Legendary Doom Bringer $2.60
Remnant of Innovation Rare Doom Bringer $0.94
Oinkers the Party Pig Legendary Doom Bringer $0.30
Count Dragomir Legendary Doom Bringer $0.45
Doombringer Kha Legendary Doom Bringer $1.53
Clutch of D'endrrah Rare Doom Bringer $0.06
Assimilate Rare Doom Bringer $0.19
Chasing the Rainbow Promo Doom Bringer $0.18
Sugar Rush Legendary Doom Bringer $1.83
Excruciate Rare Doom Bringer $0.21
Lilygrove Warden Rare Doom Bringer $0.64
Rowdy Piper Rare Doom Bringer $0.21
Scour the Archives Rare Doom Bringer $1.17
Annihilate Rare Doom Bringer $0.31
Brilliant Annihilix Rare Doom Bringer $2.89
Remnant of Hatred Rare Doom Bringer $0.46
Remnant of Purpose Rare Doom Bringer $0.88
Remnant of Life Rare Doom Bringer $0.86